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Hi! I’m Frank Valerga, the founder and owner of Adviro, an environmental consulting and testing services firm headquartered in San Jose, CA. I want to thank you today for checking out our brand new blog and website!

As you know by reading our website, Adviro provides a wide range of environmental services—such as asbestos, lead and radon testing—for homes and businesses throughout California. Our mission is to create a healthier, greener world by helping people learn about the environmental issues they face at home and at work, and then show them how to resolve those issues.

We’ve also created the Environmental Safety Blog to provide you with additional information about our company, team and more environmental topics, tips and insights.

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a few members of my team! As a growing business with a 5-star Yelp rating, I couldn’t provide this level of excellent service for our customers without them!

Adviro environmental testing company management team in San Jose, CA


Meet Edward Ballaron, Adviro’s lead project consultant (left in photo). Edward is a certified testing consultant who has a great way of working with clients. His professionalism and knowledge is only matched by his enthusiasm for baseball.

Emily Lam is our office manager and marketing manager (center in photo). She’s a rock star at making sure everything in the office runs smoothly and clients love her! She’s been with my environmental firm since day one and her follow-through is exceptional!

I have other amazing team members who I will introduce you to in the next blog. For now, I want to keep this introduction brief to get our conversation off to a great start.

So, stay in touch with our Environmental Safety Blog and we’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest environmental indoor safety news and insights—as well as give you a behind-the-scenes look at Adviro! We’ll make it a fun and informative conversation!


All the best,