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Public Works Environmental Services

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We provide high value environmental testing and inspection for California public works.  

When it comes to testing for environmental hazards, public works organization needs to move fast for the safety of their occupants.  However, it’s tougher than ever for the public sector to be responsive—especially with the recent work force and budget cuts due to COVID.

As an environmental company, Adviro understands your challenges and has developed a more efficient way to handle environmental testing and inspection to make your job easier.

A top choice for public sector environmental work.

With close to a decade of experience working in the public sector throughout the San Francisco Bay Area—and our own innovative, streamlined testing and reporting approach—we’re among the best environmental consultants for public organizations ranging from school districts to state parks and federal buildings.

Comprehensive, fully-certified services.

Whether you need to test for asbestos, mold, radon, lead or indoor air quality— or even require COVID-19 surface testing — our team of environmental experts are certified, licensed and fully insured to deliver the the best in testing according to California and federal regulations. 

Public safety is our priority.

Here at Adviro, the health and safety of Bay Area’s public spaces are a top concern for the team. Our professionals specialize in maximizing safety for everyone involved when dealing with dangerous substances like asbestos, which can spread easily when disturbed.  Whether we’re testing a park for lead in San Jose or inspecting a school for radon in San Francisco, our company always goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations and ensure the property will not harm its visitors.

We’re your public works environmental partner.

Adviro is a completely modern and innovative environmental company that has been pleasing clients with quick turn around times, impressive scheduling flexibility and high value pricing packages. We deliver full inspections, help oversee abatement done by other firms, and provide clearance testing for public properties of all sizes.

Public Work Types:

    • School Districts
    • State Parks
    • Federal Buildings
    • Military Sites

Government Vendor:

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United State Coast Guard

Case Study #102
Mold Testing &  Consultation |  CA

As a federal service essential to California’s search and rescue up and down the coast, the US Coast Guard saves countless lives. They recently contacted Adviro to help them with a special project.

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Adviro consults for and tests all types of properties:


High-rise office complexes, corporate campuses, industrial properties, retail centers, grocery stores, restaurants and more trust their environmental projects with us.


Public Works

Adviro works with school districts from elementary to university level, as well as state parks and federal buildings to help ensure the safety of their occupants.



For single family homes, duplexes, condos, apartment complexes and HOAs, Adviro helps property owners, managers and renters maintain their peace of mind.