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Commercial Environmental Services

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Partner with a top commercial environmental testing company in the San Francisco Bay Area and California.

Potential environmental problems in a commercial environment need to be verified quickly and accurately for the health and safety of the owners, occupants and customers alike.

Get high quality environmental test results.
Efficient testing is also important when the commercial property is being considered for purchase. According to California environmental laws, the current property owner is responsible for any environmental hazard that’s on their land, even if it wasn’t caused by the owner. This must be handled appropriately to do your Environmental Due Diligence (EDD).

We’re certified, licensed and fully insured.

Our team’s extensive training and testing experience with San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento commercial buildings—from industrial and high-tech properties, to high rise offices, retail shops, grocery stores and restaurants—means you can rely that our tests are accurate, complete and certified.

And, since Adviro doesn’t do abatement or remediation, you can count on our tests for unbiased results—whether you’re testing for asbestos, lead, mold, radon, indoor air quality, or for COVID-19 surface testing and inspection. 

Our testing process.

Our services are efficient and organized, and come with well-defined, succinct reports. We also deliver any necessary inspection pictures, testing diagrams, state certifications and required regulator documentation to guarantee due diligence for legal protection in the future.

Hire our commercial environmental experts today.

We go the extra mile to help property owners get the clearance they need to get their next job done quickly and correctly. Based on your project’s specific requirements, we provide full inspections and, if needed, we’re available for job site over-site during any abatement or remediation work.

Once you’ve taken the appropriate steps, the property should pass required clearance tests and we can help you get your desired permits.

Commercial Types:

    • Industrial Properties
    • High Tech Properties
    • High-Rise Offices
    • Restaurants
    • Grocery Stores
    • Retail Shops
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Apple Project

Case Study 101 | Multiple Hazard Consultation | Cupertino, CA
As a Fortune 100 company responsible for providing a healthy work environment for more than 10,000 employees in the SF Bay Area, Apple chose Adviro to work on a critical environmental project at their headquarters in Cupertino.

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Adviro consults for and tests all types of properties:


High-rise office complexes, corporate campuses, industrial properties, retail centers, grocery stores, restaurants and more trust their environmental projects with us.


Public Works

Adviro works with school districts from elementary to university level, as well as state parks and federal buildings to help ensure the safety of their occupants.



For single family homes, duplexes, condos, apartment complexes and HOAs, Adviro helps property owners, managers and renters maintain their peace of mind.