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Before doing a demolition and renovation, construction and demolition companies as well as property owners must abide by many environmental and legal requirements. One of these requirements includes getting an Asbestos Demolition and Renovation Notification / Job Number. Also known as a J# Permit, this document must be obtained from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

BAAQMD Provides the J# Permits
The BAAQMD is responsible for regulating all demolition and renovation of buildings and structures that may contain asbestos, which is an environmental hazard that can cause serious and fatal illnesses. The organization created the Asbestos Demolition and Renovation Program to help make sure asbestos is disposed of properly.

How to Get a J# Permit
First, an asbestos survey is required in order to apply for the J# Permit. To get an asbestos survey, contractors and owners can email Adviro for an appointment at info@goadviro.com or call (804) 667-9667.  We’re a leading environmental consulting and testing company and we can  provide all the necessary information to complete the application.

Second, when the asbestos survey is complete, the information from the survey must be submitted online. If asbestos removal is needed, they can still apply for the permit before any asbestos abatement begins on the project.

Deadlines for Notifications of Abatement
They must notify the Air District 10 business days before:
• Any renovation involving the removal of 100 sq. ft. or more, 100 linear ft. or more, or 35 cubic feet or more of asbestos.
• Every demolition regardless of asbestos content.
For residential buildings of four or fewer dwelling units, they may notify the Air District 72 hours in advance with the payment of an additional fee.

If Notification is Approved, BAAQMD Issues an Approval Letter and J#
For notifications that are approved, contractors and homeowners will immediately receive an Asbestos Demolition/Renovation job number (J#) with a letter of approval as proof of notification.

Online Payment Requirements
To get the J# Permit, payments must be made in full.
• VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted, and will incur a 2.95% service fee.
• eCheck payments from checking and savings accounts are also accepted, and will incur a $1.00 service fee.


FAQs on J# Demolition Permits in California

Where can I get an asbestos survey first so that I can then get a J# Permit? 
Contact Adviro Environmental Testing at info@goadviro.com or call (804) 667-9667. 

Where can I get a J# Permit and information on asbestos removal and building demolition in California?

Who can I call about asbestos removal and a J# Permit?
BAAQMD Asbestos Technician Asbestos, Compliance & Enforcement

BAAQMD Permit Assistance • Engineering
• General Engineering Information
• 415.749.4762 (same number as above)

Who needs to fill out the Asbestos Demolition and Renovation Notification?
Contractors or homeowners who are going to do the work.