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A Two-Part Series on Environmental Health at Home

Part II – How Indoor Air Pollution Can Help Save Your Finances

Welcome to Part II of our Two-Part Series on Environmental Health at Home. Today we’ll discuss how testing your indoor air quality (IAQ) can help you avoid unnecessary health care costs and other issues that can financially impact you.

Poor indoor air quality can have a significant impact on finances in several ways:

Health-related costs: As discussed in Part I of our series, poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of health problems, including respiratory issues, allergies, and asthma. These health issues can result in increased healthcare costs, including doctor visits, medications, and hospitalization.

Reduced productivity: Poor indoor air quality can also reduce productivity, as individuals may experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and difficulty concentrating.

In fact, in a study published in the Harvard Business Review, researchers found that workers in well-ventilated offices with low levels of indoor air pollutants performed significantly better on cognitive tests than those in poorly ventilated offices with higher levels of pollutants.1 As more people work from home, this research has significant relevance to the state of home environments as well.

Overall, poor air quality can result in decreased work output and lower efficiency, which can ultimately affect one’s bottom line. In fact, 70 percent of the U.S. population is afflicted by respiratory illnesses such as the common cold or flu each year, with more than one-quarter of those illnesses attributable to poor IAQ. 2

Property damage: Poor indoor air quality can also lead to property damage, particularly in buildings with high humidity levels. Mold growth and other forms of moisture damage can cause structural problems, such as weakened walls or floors, which can be expensive to repair.

Here’s an interesting fact. Research by home-improvement site Fixr puts the average cost of remediation in the U.S. between $10 and $25 per square foot. According to that site, people typically pay: $500 to $1,500 for a bathroom treatment. $3,500 for a basement remediation. So it can be costly to eliminate mold—much better to test for it and take care of any issues before they become a huge health and financial issue. 3

Increased energy costs: In some cases, poor indoor air quality can also result in increased energy costs. For example, if a building’s ventilation system is not functioning properly, it may require more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature, which can result in higher utility bills.

Overall, poor indoor air quality can have a significant impact on finances, both in terms of increased healthcare costs, reduced productivity and property damage. So it’s important to check your indoor air quality as a preventative measure that can help protect both your health and finances.

Our Indoor Air Quality Home Health Checkup Package Tests Saves You Money Now—And in the Long Run

At Adviro, we believe that environmental testing is one of the best actions you can take to protect your health and prevent unnecessary financial costs associated with finding out too late that your home harbors environmental hazards such as radon, mold, VOCs, formaldehyde or asbestos — pollutants that can be expensive to remediate.

That’s why we created a valuable environmental testing solution to help you detect what is in your indoor air. It’s called the Adviro Indoor Air Quality Home Health Checkup Package.

Now instead of paying for tests separately, you can test for radon, mold, VOCs, and formaldehyde—with an additional option to test for asbestos—all at once.

As we mentioned in Part II of our blog series, our certified environmental testing consultants will conduct all of the required tests for you. We’ll send the test samples to an independent lab to ensure you receive non-biased results. And give you a detailed, comprehensive report that can show you all the issues uncovered during your home health checkup. This report can be your guide to what you need to do next to bring your indoor air quality back to healthy levels.

Save Your Health and Your Finances, Contact Us Today

Contact Adviro for an Indoor Air Quality Home Health Checkup Package by calling (844) 607-9667 or emailing us at info@goadviro.com. You’ll discover that knowledge isn’t only power, it helps deliver a breath of fresh air.




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