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Case Study #104

For Asbestos Testing, a Top Bay Area Firm Partners Only with Adviro

Mission Development Group Chooses Adviro for All Their asbestos testing NEEDS for demolition

Project Overview

When Tracy Hsu, Owner and Founder of Mission Development Group, learned that Frank Valerga was starting Adviro back in 2014, she immediately hired his newly established environmental testing and consulting firm to conduct the asbestos testing that her company needed for demolition projects.

Today, their customer relationship is still going strong nearly a decade later. Tracy is one of Adviro’s most loyal and satisfied customers, typically bringing about ten projects a year to the company. In this special case study, we had the opportunity to interview Tracy to find out why she entrusts Adviro with her many development projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


“Construction time is very important,” says Tracy. “I work on multiple projects simultaneously. So, when it comes to project management, I need an environmental consultant that is responsive.”

As an example, Tracy shared a recent asbestos testing project for a residential property on Arboretum Drive in Los Altos. She hired Adviro to conduct the asbestos survey so she could get a J# permit from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD). The J# permit is a required document that would allow her company to go ahead with a demolition that she was planning to do.

The Los Altos property consisted of a 2,000 square-foot residence that was over 60 years old, with additional buildings on site including a workshop, a separate garage, and an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU).

Adviro’s Solution

As a long-time client, Tracy and the Adviro team have worked out a very straightforward process for getting the job done. Tracy prefers to simply email the Adviro team with her request. “They know me. And the process is very straightforward. I normally just give them the address and the access code. Or sometimes they may call me for access. Other than that, everything is done by email.”

“When I order an asbestos test, I’m also amazed that sometimes Adviro can be there the same day! Their quick response is beyond my expectations. And they’re a company that I don’t need to follow up on,” Tracy says. “Everything is so smooth. I don’t have to send an email and say ‘Where’s my report?’”

The Results

Tracy typically receives the report quickly, in a day or two. She also shared that the asbestos report she receives from Adviro is very easy to read. “You can quickly identify whether the house needs asbestos removal because they even highlight asbestos removal: ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ ” she said.

In addition, Tracy appreciates the fact that Adviro’s asbestos report details the area size of the buildings. “Otherwise, an asbestos removal company will have to come out and take measurements before they can provide a quote. Since Adviro already provides this information—including the details and photos of the materials that have asbestos—it saves the asbestos removal company and my company a lot of valuable time.”

In this case, the Los Altos house where Adviro conducted the survey proved positive for asbestos. With Adviro’s quick turnaround for the asbestos report, Tracy was able to get an asbestos removal company to take care of the issue in a timely manner.

All in all, Tracy said she is very happy working with Adviro. She enthusiastically shared with us this final thought: “If 5 stars is the highest rating, I would give them 5 stars plus 1!”



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“If 5 stars is the highest rating, I would give them 5 stars plus 1!”

– Tracy Hsu, Owner & Founder, Mission Development Group