Environmental Consulting & Testing Services – Bay Area

Asbestos Testing & Inspection

Asbestos is a dangerous material that had been used in construction materials
prior to 1980 when it was discontinued due to health concerns. Adviro’s Certified
Asbestos Consultants will help you safely test for the presence of asbestos dust,
which becomes airborne when materials are disturbed.

Lead Testing & Inspection

Do you own a building constructed prior to 1978? There’s a good chance it might be contaminated with traces of lead that had been commonly used in paint for houses, doors, windows and sills before the government became aware of the underlying health issue. Adviro provides state approved lead based paint testing and inspection services throughout the Bay Area.

Mold Inspection & Testing

Did you know that mold can become a serious issue both to the occupants of a building and its structural foundation. Mold inspection and testing with Adviro’s certified environmental consultants will help determine the presence of dangerous fungi in your building.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Are you a homeowner, property manager or contractor with concerns about the health and safety of your building? Adviro’s certified team of Registered Environmental Property Assessors (REPA) provide quick and reliable indoor air quality testing services in the Bay Area.

Radon Testing & Gas Inspection

One of the most dangerous natural gases that building owners should be aware of is Radon. This silent killer is undetectable by human senses. According to the EPA, about 1 in 15 houses may be at risk of unsafe levels. Adviro’s certified consultants provide radon gas testing and inspection services with high-tech equipment to safely assess radon
levels in your home.

Adviro - friendly, timely, reliable

Want quick, dependable test results from a certified environmental testing and consulting company that is enjoyable to work with? Adviro proudly offers such services throughout the Bay Area. We follow state approved procedures with high-tech equipment to guarantee accuracy. Our consultants also use their experience to assess and anticipate your needs to help save time.

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